Godox introduces the TL60, an RGB tube light

The TL60 Tube Light is Godox's newest continuous LED light, with DMX support, RGB colours and wireless app remote control.

The TL60 is Godox’s newest addition to their continuous light range. During the last few years we’ve already seen several other manufacturers create tube lights and now Godox has announced their own version.

Similarly to other tube lights already available on the market, the Godox TL60 features RGB colour control. The addition of RGB gives users access to a lot of creative effects. In the included promotional video, Godox shows how this can be used for instance in a music video, but there are many more possibilities. There are 39 special effects included on the light that can be used.

On the light itself there is a small display to change brightness and the colors, but this can also be done in other ways. The light can be controlled remotely with a remote control, DMX or an app. The addition of DMX control is quite interesting, since DMX allows lights of multiple brands to work together with a single controller. These controllers can also create elaborate effects, as you can see in the video.

In the specifications of the light we see that this light consumes 18 watts and has an output of 1500 lux at 100% brightness (no distance specified), with a CRI of 96 and a TLCI of 98. This means that is light might be not best suited as a main light since it is not very bright, but instead it should be used as accent light.

On battery power the light is able run 2 hours at 100% brightness, but it is also possible to run the light off a AC adapter.

While Godox clearly targets this light towards creative videographers considering the colour and special effects, but I can also see these lights being used for photography as accent lights.

The Godox TL60 is available as 1 light, 2 light or 4 light kits, respectively priced $239, $479 and $879. Order now from Amazon, Adorama, B&H, Pergear or other online retailers. Shipping is expected in mid-January 2021.

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