Godox TT350S flash for Sony now in stock; Nikon/Canon versions on the way

Godox's compact radio master/slave flash, the TT350S, is now available for Sony, priced $85.

Godox TT350N

Godox’s compact, radio-enabled TTL flash, the TT350S, is now available. The small-form-factor device takes just two AA batteries and is designed for use with mirrorless cameras. It also works as a portable off-camera flash, thanks to an integrated 2.4GHz wireless receiver compatible with Godox’s X1 triggering system, or it can act as an on-camera master/commander for the same.

Godox TT350N

Though the Godox TT350S is designed for use with Sony α series cameras, a Godox TT350N for Nikon is in the works, as well as a Godox TT350C for Canon. At the time of writing, the Sony version is on sale, priced about $85 on eBay. It is also sold by Adorama as the Flashpoint Zoom-Mini TTL R2 for the same price, with the Nikon and Canon versions available to pre-order.

For more information, see our original announcement article or visit the manufacturer’s web site.

David Selby
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