Godox TT520 ThinkLite Speedlite now available

Godox have released the TT520 Speedlite, an off-camera flash priced under US$50.

Godox TT520

Godox TT520

Hong Kong: Chinese manufacturer Godox have released an affordable off-camera hotshoe flash on eBay. The ThinkLite TT520 is the latest brand for a flash originally named the Sunpix SP46. Like the similarly-priced Yongnuo YN460-II, the TT520 is manual only with two optical slave modes. However, the Godox flash has a wider power range (full to 1/128).


Guide Number 33
Flash Modes M, S1, S2
Tilt 0 – 90°
Swivel 0 – 270°
Power Source 4 * AA batteries
Recycle Time 0.5 – 5s
Output Full, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64, 1/128
Colour Temperature 5600K +/-200K
Flash Duration 1/800 ~ 1/2000s
Dimensions 190 * 75 * 55mm
Net Weight 286g

The manufacturer’s product page also shows a TT420 model with a manual zoom head from 24-105mm.

Where to buy

The Godox ThinkLite TT520 is available on eBay for US$48.00 / £30.99 including free international postage from Hong Kong.

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