Yes, you can fit the Godox V1 battery in the AD100, but…

...slight differences in dimensions mean you might never get it out again!

Godox VB26 in AD100Pro

Update: This issue was limited to early review samples and has since been resolved in the full production version.

The new Godox AD100Pro takes a lithium battery called the WB100, rated 18.72Wh and 7.2V. It has the same specs as the VB26 battery used in the Godox V1, so in theory they should be interchangeable.

However, while the VB26 battery does fit in the AD100Pro, the dimensions are slightly different and you may struggle to get it out again. Similarly, the WB100 battery can be inserted into the Godox V1, but it will not sit flush.

We had extreme difficulty removing the VB26 (Godox V1 battery) from the back of the AD100Pro, so you should probably assume they are not officially compatible, to save yourself hassle in the long run.

According to the Dutch distributor, these batteries are not interchangeable. We have contacted Godox for a comment.

Update: Godox has meanwhile addressed these issues and updated the design of the AD100Pro slightly. Newer models are compatible with the VB26 without any problems.

At first glance the two batteries look identical
However, looking closer we see already some minor design differences
Because of that, the VB100 (AD100Pro battery) does not fit flush with the body of the V1 flash
This is how the battery in the AD100Pro should look like
This is how the VB26 battery looks when inserted in the AD100Pro
Even after just one insertion we see some scratches on the body of the VB26 battery