Godox introduces X1-C TTL trigger for Canon

Godox has released details of their TTL flash trigger for Canon, which will become available this August.

Godox X1-C

Before we have already written about the fact that Godox will be introducing a TTL trigger soon, but until so far little to none was known about the specifications. Godox has now released this information and announced that the Canon version will be introduced first at the beginning of August.

A Nikon version of the triggers can be expected soon, but the release date has not been finalized yet. Most of the functionality of the triggers is comparable to other TTL triggers, but will provide a great base for Godox to continue their wireless TTL developments. To that end, Godox has introduced the Godox TT685C for Canon, a flash with an integrated transceiver that can either work as master or slave to the X1-C triggers.

Godox X1

The Godox X1-C consists of a├é┬áseparate transmitter and receiver. With the transmitter you are able to control the power of five different groups. It is also possible to mix TTL and manual modes simultaneously. The X1-C shares a number of features with├é┬ámost other TTL triggers currently available on the market, such as HSS and TTL, but also manages to distinguish itself among the competition. On the transmitter a TTL passthrough hot shoe can be found and it is possible to set a HSS pre-sync timing. PC sync input and output is available on the transmitter as well. Godox has stated that the triggers will also work with Canon’s own speedlites and speedlites from Godox such as the Ving V860C.


Manufacturer specifications


No price has been announced yet. The introduction of Godox’s own TTL triggers means that Godox will get more involved with creating more TTL flashes, possibly even hinting at the development of the TTL version of the Godox Witstro. What do you think of the development of Godox’s TTL trigger system?