Godox XT32 manual HSS flash controller announced

Godox has announced a new radio flash controller, the XT32.

Godox XT32

Godox, the studio lighting manufacturer, has unveiled a new radio transmitter to control its range of wireless flashes and studio heads. The Godox XT32 is a manual-only controller that fits on your camera hotshoe. It will trigger your off-camera flashes and let you adjust their brightness and modelling lamp settings.

Godox XT32

There is an autofocus-assist lamp built into the Godox XT32, which is powered by a pair of AA batteries. There are dedicated models for Canon, Nikon and Sony and the trigger supports high-speed sync (HSS) — but not TTL — with the respective camera brands. There is also a “general” version without HSS for other camera brands. The XT32 is compatible with Godox flashes that have built-in radio, and with newer ones that accept the XTR-16 and XTR-16s radio modules.

Godox XT32

According to the manufacturer, the Godox XT32 has an operating range of over 100 metres. It supports 32 channels and 16 groups. There is a PC sync port for manual synchronisation and a USB port for firmware updates.

Pricing has not yet been announced but the Godox XT32 should go on sale later this month. What do you think of this new transmitter?

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