Gossen Sixtomat F2 light meter released

The £200 Sixtomat F2 is capable of measuring both ambient light and flash, with 1/10-stop exposure accuracy.

Gossen Sixtomat F2 light meter

A new exposure meter is available from Gossen. The £200 Sixtomat F2 is capable of measuring both ambient and flash light sources, with 1/10-stop exposure accuracy.

With a contrast-adjustable liquid crystal display and the option of reflected or incident light metering, the F2 offers everything you could need in a light meter, without many frills or the expense of some higher-end products available on the market today.

Location shooters can take advantage of the Sixtomat F2’s ability to return flash:ambient ratios in order to balance the light perfectly for the scene. With a suitable sync cord you can use the meter to trigger your flashes, or else use the cordless mode where it detects a flash firing. Sync speeds up to 1/1000s are supported, so you should have no troubles with quick-syncing compact cameras such as the Fujifilm X100S.

Gossen Sixtomat F2 light meter

Depending on your preference you can choose between 1/2 and 1/3 stop increments in the readout. For video capture, there is also a “Cine” mode, including 25 and 30 fps settings. The device runs on a single AA battery.

For more technical information, visit the manufacturer’s product page. It is available now for £199.99 in the UK from Intro 2020 dealers, or elsewhere from respective Gossen distributors.

Do you use a light meter, or are they old hat? Would you consider this one?

David Selby
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