Hähnel Captur is a sound, light, laser and IR trigger

Hähnel Captur is a complete high-speed photography system that will also work as an ordinary flash trigger.

Hähnel Captur example: shot using a light sensor

Hähnel of Ireland has introduced Captur, a complete high-speed photography system that will also work as an ordinary flash trigger.

The new Captur series includes sound, light, laser and infrared sensors for high-speed or wildlife photography. You can even make your own triggering circuits and connect them to an auxiliary input. A handheld remote lets you configure precise delays and works as an intervalometer for time-lapse photography with DSLR cameras.

Hähnel Captur Module TimerHähnel Captur Module Pro

Unlike some other high-speed camera triggers, Hahnel has made Captur versatile enough to work as a conventional flash trigger and DSLR remote, so you can simply shoot normal off-camera flash or self-portraits before deciding whether to progress to exploding watermelons with crossbows and the like. Comparable products include the Cactus LV5, a laser sensor compatible with the V5 and V6 conventional flash triggers. But that does not include the other bevy of other sensor options available with the Hähnel Captur system.

A basic kit includes a 2.4GHz transmitter and receiver, suitable for flash triggering or use as a remote shutter release (including continuous shooting and bulb functions) at ranges up to 100 metres. It will work with either shoe-mount flashes or studio lights as there is a hotshoe and a sync port. There are models for Nikon, Canon, Sony and Olympus/Panasonic.

Hähnel Captur triggers

The Captur Module Timer works as an intervalometer for time-lapses, delay and bulb (i.e. custom exposure time) shooting. Finally, the Captur Module Pro has all the timer features, plus built-in sensors for motion, light, sound and auxiliary inputs (such as pressure plates) and comes with an infrared module.

Here are some example photos from Hähnel, produced using the Captur Module Pro.

Hähnel Captur example: shot using a sound trigger
Example shot using the sound trigger
Hähnel Captur example: shot using a light sensor
Example shot using the light sensor
Hähnel Captur example: shot using an auxiliary sensor
Example: shot using the auxiliary input — in this case a circuit connected to a crossbow string

Hähnel Captur Kits start at £59.95 (US: $89.95). The Module Timer costs £39.95 ($59.95), the Module Pro is £99.95 ($119.95) and extra receivers are £39.95 ($45) each. They available now from various retailers including Wex Photographic in the UK, or B&H Photo in the USA.

A series of videos demonstrating the Captur are posted on the company’s YouTube channel. For more information, visit hahnel.ie.

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