Hähnel Combi TF Remote Control & Flash Trigger

Hähnel Industries (Ireland) has released a new 2.4GHz flash trigger and shutter release combo. Press release inside.

Haehnel Combi TF transmitter

Cork, Ireland: Hähnel Industries has released a new 2.4GHz flash trigger and shutter release combo. The price for a set (1 TX and 1 RX) is around £59.90.

Press release

Hähnel Combi TF transmitter
Picture by Hähnel
Hähnel Combi TF receiver with flash
Picture by Hähnel

Wireless remote shutter release

Take your best shots with the versatile Combi TF.

Compact and lightweight, the wireless remote control gives you the flexibility of shutter release, auto focus, continuous shooting, bulb mode and 4-second timer delay.

For wildlife, landscape or sports photography, simply fix your camera to a tripod and capture that perfect moment.

Remote flash trigger

Manage your studio effectively using multiple receivers to fire several portable flash units or studio lights simultaneously – ideal for a wireless studio environment.

Most importantly, the wireless functionality of the Combi TF means thatyou can move the flash units or studio lights to the best location to achieve the ultimate shot.

Equipped with interchangeable cables for all major brands, the Combi TF is the ideal remote control for practically all DSLR Cameras.

The Combi TF uses high-tech, reliable FSK 2.4GHz frequency, which is a worldwide licence free technology.

Available for Canon & Nikon now! Olympus, Panasonic & Sony will follow shortly.

For more information and pictures, a brochure or a copy of the manual, visit the Hähnel web site.

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