Hensel announces Bounce Adapter for softboxes

The new Bounce Adapter from Hensel lets you mount flashes inside softboxes and use them in a new way.

Over the course of the last few years we have seen an increasing number of “deep” softboxes being released. Deep boxes offer more control over light than traditional softboxes do.

You can often mount the light inside the softbox, instead of attaching it to the back; in this case no front diffuser is used and a special type of light is created. It is harder than a softbox but still features a great fall-off while offering a lot of control.


Hensel has announced that they will release a “Bounce Adapter” which can transform their softboxes into indirect softboxes where the flash is mounted on the inside. Hensel’s Bounce Adapter is a special holder with integrated speedring, allowing you to mount your Hensel flashes inside the Grand Softboxes. Hensel claims that this results in increased brilliance, better shadow definition, and higher light efficiency compared to using the usual speedring and direct mounting on the back.

A detachable pole lets you align and balance the whole unit with the help of a counterweight or weight bag (eyelet included). This should make handling easier, especially when larger sized softboxes are used such as the Grand 190 or Octabox 200. The tilt bracket attaches to professional lamp stands with a 28 mm connection, but it also has a 16 mm socket for smaller stands which are more commonly used within the photography industry.


The adapter will cost around 415 euro and is available directly. A weight bag and safety rope for the flash heads are included with the purchase. Besides the Grand Softboxes with 90 cm, 120 cm, and 190 cm diameters, the Hensel Octaboxes 120, 150 and 200 can also be used with the bounce adapter.