Hensel Certo entry-level flashes have Cactus radios built-in

Hensel has announced the Certo line of entry-level 200Ws and 400Ws studio flashes, with built-in Cactus radio receivers.

Hensel Certo

German lighting manufacturer Hensel has unveiled a new range of ‘safe, reliable and reasonably priced’ entry-level studio flashes. The Hensel Certo line is a replacement for the discontinued Integra Mini series of monolights.

Features include short flash durations (down to 1/3,400 second), fast recycling (0.4–1.1 seconds) and a wide range of power adjustment (six to seven f-stops in 1/10-stop increments). A 16-channel radio receiver, based on the Cactus V5, is built in, and the lights accept Hensel EH-amount accessories as standard. There is a 150W modelling lamp.

There will be four versions in total: Certo 200 and Certo 400, each in 110V AC for the North American market and in 230V for everywhere else.

Hensel Cactus V5
A Cactus V5 radio receiver is built into each light.

In the US, pricing is $449 and $489 for the individual heads, with kits (including two flashes, light modifiers, stands and Cactus V5 transmitters) starting from $1198. Shipping is expected this month. Pre-order now at Adorama.

For more information, visit the manufacturer’s web site.

David Selby
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