Hensel Softdish 80 is a collapsible beauty dish ‘ideal on location’

The Hensel Softdish is an 80cm collapsible beauty dish/octabox designed to be 'ideal for work on location'.

Hensel Softdish 80 collapsible beauty dish

Hensel, the German lighting manufacturer, is to exhibit a new lighting accessory called the Softdish 80 at Photokina next month. The Softdish is a “collapsible beauty dish” (a specially-shaped softbox with a deflector in the middle) — an idea we have previously seen from Falcon Eyes and Phottix.

By having a softbox form factor, you can get (hopefully) similar results to a beauty dish in an accessory that folds down to a compact, portable package. It’s also lighter, bigger and can turn into a regular softbox by adding a diffuser to the front.

Hensel Softdish 80 collapsible beauty dish

The Softdish 80 has an adjustable deflector and a white reflective interior, and measures 80 cm in diameter. With a speedring (not included) it can be fitted to Hensel EH and MH system heads. It can be used with modelling lamps up to 650 watts.

Hensel said: “It is ideal for work on location, especially because the Softdish 80 is quickly set up and taken apart. Additionally, the included diffuser lets you change it to an octabox. The Hensel Softdish 80 is the perfect addition to Hensel’s popular Porty battery flash generators or the Hensel compact flashes which can be used outside the studio with a Power Max L.”

It is made by US-based firm Chimera Lighting.

Hensel Softdish 80 collapsible beauty dish

The Hensel Softdish 80 will be available in the UK from Linhof Studio for £275. Check the manufacturer’s product page for more details or visit Hensel’s stand I006 in Hall 4 at Photokina next month.

David Selby
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