Hobo Lighting 64 inch parabolic umbrellas released

CotswoldPhoto has released their Hobo Lighting 64" (162cm) silver parabolic umbrella at a price of around £30 in the UK.

Hobo Lighting 64" (162cm) Reflective Parabolic Umbrella
Hobo Lighting 64" (162cm) Reflective Parabolic Umbrella
Hobo Lighting 64" umbrella

Gloucestershire: English photographic supplier CotswoldPhoto has released the latest model in their range of Hobo Lighting brand parabolic umbrellas. The 64-inch (162cm) umbrella follows the 42″ version unveiled earlier this year. The company promises matching white diffuser covers for both sizes in the near future, with translucent-type umbrellas and an 85″ model also planned.

The Hobo Lighting 64″ silver parabolic type umbrella is available for £29.99 from the Cotswold Photo eBay Store including a 1 year warranty. Postage costs depend on your location. They also sell a bracket to help you use the umbrella with speedlight-type flashes (as shown on the right).

David Selby
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