Hobo Lighting 85″ (215cm) Parabolic Umbrellas now available

CotswoldPhoto have released the 85" version of their silver parabolic umbrellas, priced under £50.

Hobo Lighting 85" (215cm) Silver/Black Parabolic Type Umbrella

Hobo Lighting 85" (215cm) Silver/Black Parabolic Type Umbrella

Gloucestershire: British photographic retailer CotswoldPhoto have released the latest and largest umbrella from Hobo Lighting. The silver 85″ (215cm) umbrella follows the 42″ and 64″ models released earlier this year. These modifiers offer a more tightly focused beam than conventional reflective umbrellas, effectively providing a higher intensity of light on your subject. For more accurate positioning of speedlights in the centre of the umbrella, an L-bracket is also available.

The Hobo Lighting Silver/Black 85″ (215cm) Parabolic Type Umbrella is available now from the CotswoldPhoto eBay store for £49.99 including a 12 month warranty. Shoot-through versions and diffusion panels are in development.

David Selby
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