Interfit announces new range of folding softboxes

Interfit Photographic has announced a new line of "game-changer" softboxes for location lighting.

Interfit Foldable Softboxes

Interfit Photographic has announced a new line of folding softboxes. The quick-assemble light modifiers have an internal frame of interlocking fibreglass rods that lock into place, reducing the length of time required to set them up and tear them down between photoshoots.

“We have combined the large softboxes that studio photographers have grown accustomed to, with the lightweight and portability that location photographers require,” said Interfit in a press release.

Interfit Foldable Softboxes

The design is not quite like a traditional softbox — which involves threading poles through fabric like a camping tent — nor the same as an umbrella softbox, which tends to have a slider mechanism obscuring the light source. Instead it lies somewhere between the two: assembling quickly without obstructing output.

Interfit Foldable Softboxes

Like other manufacturers, Interfit insists on calling its large shallow octabox a “beauty dish”, though the light quality won’t necessarily be the same as from a rigid metal one.

The company believes the series of new accessories to be a “game-changer for portable location lighting”. They will have the following recommended retail prices.

  • 90cm (36in) square — $74.99
  • 80 x 120cm (32 x 48in) rectangular — $76.99
  • 30 x 150cm (12 x 59in) stripbox — $76.99
  • 110cm (44in) octabox — $89.99
  • 70cm (28in) white “beauty dish” — $74.99
  • 110cm (40in) white “beauty dish” — $89.99

Both Bowens and Elinchrom bayonet mounts will be available. The new softboxes should ship by August 2014. Check the new Interfit web site for more information.

David Selby
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