Interfit announces new range of folding softboxes

Interfit Photographic has announced a new line of "game-changer" softboxes for location lighting.

Interfit Foldable Softboxes

Interfit Photographic has announced a new line of folding softboxes. The quick-assemble light modifiers have an internal frame of interlocking fibreglass rods that lock into place, reducing the length of time required to set them up and tear them down between photoshoots.

“We have combined the large softboxes that studio photographers have grown accustomed to, with the lightweight and portability that location photographers require,” said Interfit in a press release.

Interfit Foldable Softboxes

The design is not quite like a traditional softbox — which involves threading poles through fabric like a camping tent — nor the same as an umbrella softbox, which tends to have a slider mechanism obscuring the light source. Instead it lies somewhere between the two: assembling quickly without obstructing output.

Interfit Foldable Softboxes

Like other manufacturers, Interfit insists on calling its large shallow octabox a “beauty dish”, though the light quality won’t necessarily be the same as from a rigid metal one.

The company believes the series of new accessories to be a “game-changer for portable location lighting”. They will have the following recommended retail prices.

  • 90cm (36in) square — $74.99
  • 80 x 120cm (32 x 48in) rectangular — $76.99
  • 30 x 150cm (12 x 59in) stripbox — $76.99
  • 110cm (44in) octabox — $89.99
  • 70cm (28in) white “beauty dish” — $74.99
  • 110cm (40in) white “beauty dish” — $89.99

Both Bowens and Elinchrom bayonet mounts will be available. The new softboxes should ship by August 2014. Check the new Interfit web site for more information.

David Selby
Based in the West Midlands, UK, David Selby is editor of Lighting Rumours, a part-time photographer and a statistics PhD student.
  • mip_live

    Is it just me or are all of these quick-assemble folding softboxes based on the exact same design and “patent”. Phottix seemed to be the first to the game and all of their tags state “patent pending” on the softboxes but are they really a unique design?

  • Earle

    I suspect they’re all the Phottix softbox rebranded — just as the all the 180-watt bulb flashes are the same Godox units rebranded.

  • JeffRiotFest

    they do seem like cheetahstand/phottox/etc…

    I wish for white internals, not sillver, as my old chimera softboxes have white internals and seem more flattering to people over 40….

    The “instant setup” may be nice for an 8 sided box or a so-called “beauty dish”, but for 4 sided softboxes not so much unless the rods are cheap.

    also, the 4 sided chimeras with fiberglass rods and chimera speedrings are much easier to setup and take down than many of the cheaper ebay softboxes with metal rods and metal speedrings so I will keep my chimeras forever… yes they were pricier… I fear for chimera being overrun by cheaper clone softboxes with silver internals….

    But I may not be the target market for these….

  • alberto cabrera

    Actually, Phottix isn’t the first one to come up with this. It was a no name brand that came up with the design. Phottix is a rebrand. They are the first to advertise it.

    I bought the Phottix beauty dish and it sits in a bag. The octa is great and the materials are pretty much good. Rods are fiberglass. The plate is useless. I ended up taking it off in the end and using it as a regular octa…it is what it is.

    I would recommend the 44″ one. There’s a version online with a grid. I believe its viscro and a youtube video demoing it.

  • the flasher

    Any ideas about a european or hong kong distributor for the visico product? I had a look on ebay but they were all US base sellers….

  • Adam Gasson

    The lack of grids (and the lack of adding third party grids) shows, for me anyway, that they’re setting their sights pretty low. Grids are a simple addition that would then appeal to product and commercial shooters rather than the over-saturated Strobist hobby market.

  • Adam Gasson

    Can we have a list of manufacturers who incorrectly use the term “game-changer”? They’ve removed problems with two current methods – long setup times and umbrella systems blocking the light – but now added a large plastic ring on the inner to block light falling across the face of the modifier.

    • Here’s quick access to every instance of the phrase — sometimes used in rhetorical questions by us — on Lighting Rumours:

    • johnny

      The umbrella system is probably designed by NicePoto. I had several of them after I found my Elinchrom Rotalux are too cumbersome to set up in my place.(I have several 70×70 and 100×100 Rotalux) I can tell you that these umbrella system won’t make any difference than the Rotalux, not to mention they cost only a fraction of single Rotalux.