Interfit now carrying LEDGO continuous lighting

Interfit has announced it is the new exclusive distributor for LEDGO photo/video lighting in the USA.

Interfit LEDGO

Interfit has announced that it has become the exclusive distributor of LEDGO lighting products in the USA. The deal sees the company offering four lines of LEDGO continuous lights for photography and video applications.

By August 2014, American customers will have access to the Professional Line, Value Line, On-Camera Line and the LEDGO LED Fresnel.Interfit LEDGO

  • The Professional Line is a series of rectangular metal-construction LED panels with >95 CRI, V-lock battery support and the option of white or bi-colour output. Prices range from $439—799.
  • The Value Line are slightly cheaper ($339-529), made of plastic instead and have a lower CRI of 90+.
  • The On-Camera Line are designed to be portable, running from lithium or AA batteries, dimming support and optional bi-colour output, available separately or as kits from $100—549.
  • The LEDGO Fresnel is a 95+ CRI focusable lens with DMX controls. $899.

For more information, visit the Interfit Photographic web site.

David Selby
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