High-powered Interfit Strobies Pro-Flash 360 bare-bulb flash now available

Interfit Photographic has announced the Strobies Pro-Flash 360, a versatile bare-bulb location light with double the power of the original.

Interfit Strobies Pro-Flash 360

Interfit Photographic has announced a new Strobies Pro-Flash with double the power. Available now, the Strobies Pro-Flash 360 joins the Pro-Flash One Eighty in the company’s line-up of bare-bulb portable flashguns.

Based on the popular Godox Witstro series, the Pro-Flash features an open flash tube with interchangeable light modifiers, a wide manual power range and support for USB wireless receivers. Each unit runs from an external Li-ion battery pack.

Interfit Strobies Pro-Flash 360


  • 360J energy rating
  • 0.5–4.5 second recycle time
  • 8-stop power range, with 1/3-stop adjustment precision
  • High-speed sync (HSS) support up to 1/8000 second
  • Focus-assist LED
  • 11.1-volt 4500mAh lithium ion battery pack; 450 full power flashes from one charge
  • S1/S2 optical slave
  • Stroboscopic mode
  • Works with Strobies Pro-Flash Transmitter/Receiver
  • 3.5mm and Prontor/Compur (PC) sync ports
  • Backlit LCD control panel

Available accessories include a standard reflector, coloured gel filters, a snoot, a folding softbox, a metal beauty dish, an umbrella mount and a diffusion dome.

Be sure to read our own reviews of the OEM version of the 180J flash and 360J flash. The Interfit models should be identical in everything except branding and warranty support.

Interfit Strobies Pro-Flash 360

A kit including one Pro-Flash 360 with a battery pack costs $499.99, with extra flash heads available for $399.99 and battery packs $199.99. Visit the Interfit Photographic web site for further information. Interfit products are available from Adorama, Amazon, B&H Photo and other dealers.

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