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GadgetInfinity launch their own blog; Yongnuo LED lights available on Dealextreme; wired control panels for R+ Digital from Quantuum; Bowens Gemini Classic review.

Yongnuo SYD-0808 64-LED light on Dealextreme

Gadget Infinity logoHong Kong-based online electronics retailer GadgetInfinity have started a blog, When Light Dances. The first article features a run through lighting a scene on location, with pictures, camera settings and lighting diagrams galore. All done with Cactus flashes and triggers, of course!

Yongnuo SYD-0808 64-LED light on Dealextreme
Picture by DealExtreme

Yongnuo SYD-0808 64-LED lights are available on DealExtreme for $27.80 shipped anywhere in the world. Also now available: Pixel TF-362 (for Nikon) 2.4GHz triggers.

Quantuum (Poland) have released a wired remote control for their R+ Digital monolights, allowing you to change settings from up to 5 metres away. Get it from or Foto-Tip for €51.74. Only the R+1000 is in stock at the moment. NB: not compatible with the R+ Dual Power AC/DC monolights. Keep an eye on their new products page over the next day or so to see some new speedlight brackets too.

For the hotshoe-averse: the new Phottix Atlas will ship with screw-lock PC sync cables.

A review has been posted by Warehouse Express of the new Bowens Gemini 500 Classic monolight.

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