Jinbei speeds up its Pilot II and ECL Pro series studio flashes

Jinbei has added high-speed functions and 2.4GHz wireless control to its professional studio flashes.

Jinbei Pilot II 800

Chinese lighting manufacturer Jinbei has added high-speed functions and 2.4GHz wireless control to its professional studio flashes. In addition to the HDII-600 Handy Strobe (see main article), the new Pilot II and ECL Pro are updated versions of the Pilot and ECL series, respectively.

The mains-powered studio lights now have built-in radio transceivers permitting remote power control and triggering with Jinbei’s own proprietary wireless system. The Jinbei ECL Pro and Pilot II also feature “O”-shaped flash tubes offering extremely short flash durations — as quick as 1/4000 second at full power. This super-quick speed should prove useful for commercial and fashion photographers and anyone else trying to freeze motion in the studio.

Jinbei Pilot II 800

Both series have Bowens S-fit accessory mounts, precision light stand mounts and built-in optical slaves. The Pilot II series are Jinbei’s top-of-the-line, most powerful self-contained lights, with power ratings as high as 1200Ws (and weighing in at up to 4.7kg) and 300W modelling lamps, while the ECL Pro comes under the lower-end “Caler” brand name, ranging from 400 to 800Ws and offering 250W modelling lamps.

Though designed primarily for the studio, you could also try lugging these on location to shoot sports photography if you can find a way to power them.

Jinbei ECL Pro

For more information and full specs, visit the Jinbei web site.

David Selby
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