Jinbei’s new Milestone New 2, Digital Master 2 and Discovery

China's largest studio lighting manufacturer, Jinbei (aka Caler Electrics), have revamped three major product lines.

Jinbei Milestone New 2 at Photokina

Shanghai: China’s largest studio lighting manufacturer, Jinbei (aka Caler Electrics), have revamped three major product lines. At Photokina they displayed two updated monolights and a new battery flash system. Many thanks to Michael Sterzenbach for these tips and pictures. Click on the photographs to find more.

Digital Master 2

Digital Master 2 (DM2) at Photokina
Digital Master 2

The Digital Master 2 (DM2) is a low-range monolight, replacing the Digital Master in 200J, 300J and 400J versions (previous version was 150/250J only). Additions since the DM1 include control from full to 1/64 power, an LED display on the back of the flash, an active cooling fan and a proportional modelling lamp.

Like all Jinbei lights, the DM2 has a universal Bowens “S”-type bayonet. Compared to the rest of their lineup, the Jinbei Digital Master 2 fits in somewhere just above the Spark but below the Digital Pioneer.

Milestone New 2

Jinbei Milestone New 2 (MSN2) at Photokina
Milestone New 2

Superseding the high-end Milestone New series, the Milestone New 2 (MSN2) will come in 300J, 400J, 500J and 600J models, adjustable from full to 1/32 power. Included with each light is a 150W modelling lamp, upgradeable to 300W. The MSN2-300 has a claimed t0.5 flash duration of 1/3000s.

The MSN2 has a more refined, rounded case compared to the MSN and the controls seem easier to read. A remote-controlled version of the Milestone New series is also planned but with no price or release date yet.


Discovery is the successor to the Recharge Digital (RD) series, a portable battery-powered pack and head system.

  • 600J and 1200J models (DC-600 and DC-1200)
  • Adjustable from full to 1/16 power
  • Lithium battery pack (rated up to 430 full power flashes)
  • Two lamp sockets with an asymmetric 1:2 power ratio
  • Smaller heads compared to Recharge Digital series (Bowens S-mount)
  • 10W LED modelling lights
  • t0.5 flash duration of 1/800~1/1200s
  • Optional ring flash head
  • Recycle time of 1.8s and 3.0s (lamp A, fast mode)

The Jinbei Discovery series should be available “by the end of the year”.

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