Jinbei’s S-fit Sun LED uses 90% less energy

The Jinbei EF-100 LED is equivalent in output to a 1000W tungsten lamp but only uses 100W - better for the environment, safety and your energy bill. It has a Bowens S-fit accessory mount for use with existing photographic light modifiers.

Jinbei EF-100 LED

Jinbei of Shanghai have created a powerful LED lamp designed for the studio photographer and film maker. The EF-100 LED Sun lamp is said to be equivalent in intensity to a 1000 Watt halogen lamp, yet uses only 10% of the energy and produces much less heat. What’s more, the EF-100 has a Bowens S-fit accessory bayonet, allowing you to use all your existing reflectors and softboxes immediately.

Jinbei EF-100 LED

From this lamp you will get “standard colour temperature” which isn’t explicitly specified but presumably lies somewhere around 5000 to 6000 Kelvin – a close match for sunlight and electronic flash units.

The manufacturer claims that the EF-100 LED represents a “new generation” of environmentally-friendly lighting, being so much more energy-efficient than a traditional tungsten lamp. There is no cooling fan but instead heat is radiated into the surroundings through the specially-designed heat sink in the aluminium casing.

Jinbei EF-100 LED with reflector

The Bowens S-fit mount means that you can fit snoots, reflectors, softboxes, fresnels and so on just like you would to a studio flash head. The advantageous cooler running LED technology could mean that more expensive heat-resistant softboxes are less of a necessity and fire risk is reduced.

Jinbei EF-100 rear panel

Beyond a power switch, there are no controls on the EF-100 body itself, but there is a wireless remote controller that allows you to switch the light on and off and adjust the power. The claimed operating range is up to 100 metres.

Jinbei EF-100 remote controller

The buttons on the controller aren’t exactly intuitive, but this is probably saving you money somewhere. The lack of buttons and switches on the EF-100 body could be a problem if you lose the remote, however.

Where to buy

The Jinbei EF-100 is on sale now for US$358├é┬áincluding the remote controller. For more technical information, consult the manufacturer’s web site.

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David Selby
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