JYC to launch new lighting equipment in 2011

Chinese manufacturer JYC are to release a new speedlight, the JY-680, boasting a full 180° of tilt, and a pair of macro ring lights.

JYC JY-680 speedlight

JYC, a Chinese studio equipment manufacturer, are set to unveil a range of new lighting accessories this year including a new speedlight and macro ring flash.

Flash Speedlite JY-680

JYC JY-680 speedlight

No technical information has so far been published on the JY-680 speedlight, but it almost identical in appearance to Yongnuo’s flagship YN-560 manual flash. The two companies are quite closely linked, so it’s unclear whether the JY-680 will be part of Yongnuo’s YN-56X series (such as the upcoming YN-565) or a separate JYC product line. It is even possible that the flash illustrated above is simply a JYC brand YN-560.

However, there are a couple of interesting features revealed in the renders above:

  • Availability of the flash with a Sony-type iIso hotshoe foot
  • A flash head that can tilt 180° (most flashes can only tilt 90° from horizontal)

Macro LED Ring Light JY-675 and Macro Ring Flash JY-670

Macro Flash Ring Light JY-670
Macro Flash Ring Light JY-670

Two macro ring lights are to be released, both utilising a similar on-camera control unit. The JY-670 (shown above) uses a xenon flash tube while the JY-675 is based on continuous LEDs and suitable for video use. Each ring light fits on the end of the camera lens with appropriate adapters.

Wireless Studio Light Flash Trigger JY-02

Already released in January, the JY-02 is a basic radio trigger for studio lights. It offers a range of around 20-30 metres and comes in versions for standard cameras (JY-02A) and Sony/Minolta iIso hotshoes (JY-02B).

David Selby
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