Kenko Lucky LED with switchable colour temperature

Kenko of Japan have announced a 144-LED panel with programmable colour temperature from 2800K to 6500K.

Kenko Lucky LL-144VT
Kenko Lucky LL-144VT
Kenko Lucky LL-144VT, shown at 2800K and 6500K settings

Tokyo: Japanese photographic suppliers Kenko have announced the Lucky LL-144VT, a professional LED panel that can change colour temperature at a flick of a switch.

The LL-144VT features 144 diodes in a 16:9 layout, which can be controlled from 2800K to 6500K by varying the brightness of each LED in the RGB matrix. At 4000K, the claimed brightness is 1000 Lux at 60 cm, and the overall brightness is continuously adjustable. The device is powered by six AA batteries with the option of an AC adapter. For more product information, visit the manufacturer’s web site.

The recommended retail price is set at 60,000 yen (about US$750) excluding tax. It is not yet clear when or where they will be on sale outside Japan.

Other LED systems with programmable colour temperature include Zylights and a concept by Light Thinking Labs.

David Selby
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