Kick Light iPhone photography LED now available to the public

The colour-changing, smartphone-controlled Kick LED from Rift Labs is now on sale at Photojojo for $179.

Rift Labs Kick iPhone LED

The colour-changing, smartphone-controlled Kick Light LED from Rift Labs is now on sale at Photojojo for $179. This marks the first time that the device has been made available to the public, with only Kickstarter backers able to get their hands on it until now.

The Kick Light is a small battery-powered LED, designed for stills photography and video. What’s unique about it is that the output can change colour to almost anything in the RGB spectrum, thanks to pulse-width modulation (PWM) technology, and you can remotely control this in real time with the accompanying iPhone app.

Rift Labs Kick iPhone LED

In a recent Lighting Rumours review of the Kick Light, we praised the product’s potential but criticised the iOS app’s design and reckon the device was let down by banding and flickering issues caused by using the LED at low power settings. Click here to read our full evaluation.


Rift Labs Kick LED with iPhone 5

Photojojo bills the Kick as “super customizable light studio that fits in your pocket” and “an iPhoneography lighting studio to rival a real pro’s”. Visit the store for more information.

Will you be buying a Kick Light? What do you think of this product?

David Selby
David is a keen photographer and has been editor of Lighting Rumours since 2010. When not writing about lighting, he works as a data scientist at the University of Manchester, UK.