Flekt diffuser gives ‘studio quality’ light from pop-up flashes

The Flekt flash diffuser attaches to a camera's hotshoe, softening the output of the built-in flash.

Flekt reflector

I think pop-up flashes get a raw deal. Okay, they are usually found on lesser cameras. But used effectively, can be a lifesaver. At least on my Canon 50D, the built-in flash is very powerful for its size.

I have diffusers that slide onto the hotshoe of my 50D to be used in conjunction with the pop-up flash. For what they are, they do a great job. These modifiers are an improvement over a bare, pop-up flash. But there is major room for improvement.

So here walks in the Flekt flash diffusor.  A new Kickstarter project that’s trying to reach $70,000 to start production. For some reason, this reminds me of the old-fashioned bare-bulb systems used back in the black and white-film days.  You can check out their Kickstarter page here to see their plans…

Flekt reflector
There are a few things I’m liking about this. First, it’s a relatively large directional reflector that’s diffusing the light.  I think that’s the part that reminds me of the bare-bulb systems. It may be the biggest hotshoe-attachable reflector I’ve seen.

Second reason. It’s deceptively simple.  Slide the unit onto the hotshoe and the reflector magnetically attaches onto it. Done.

Third Reason. Modularity. Being able to clip on different reflectors. Nice. So you can keep the base unit and buy additional reflectors and attachments later on.

Before and after Flekt Image
But I have two concerns: durability and price.

The mounting system for the reflector looks quite simple. But I wonder how the mount will hold up over time. I wonder how firmly the reflector will stay in place and position. Will a gust of wind blow the reflector out of place? I live in San Francisco so it’s a real concern!

I think $75 might be a little steep for their market. This reflector is mostly for the amateur group. Most professionals or serious amateurs don’t have cameras with pop-up flash systems. I certainly can’t use this on my Canon 5D Mark II. But it would be a great setup for my 50D. Party photography or used as a key-fill light in the daytime in bright sun. It looks like it would be easy to carry as well.

I hope they make their funding goal. I’d be interested in testing one of these out.

Ricardo Gomez
Ricardo Gomez is a photographer based in New York City who specializes in fashion and portrait photography.