Lastolite now offers Ezybox II Octa + Quad speedlight bracket in kits

British lighting maker Lastolite has announced the Ezybox II Octa Quad Kit, fitting four speedlights in a folding softbox.

Lastolite Ezybox Octa Quad

British lighting maker Lastolite has announced the Ezybox II Octa Quad Kit, a bundle that includes their new Ezybox II Octa — an eight-sided folding softbox — and the Ezybox (II) Quad Bracket, which holds up to four speedlights. A four-way sync cable splitter is thrown in too, so you can trigger all of your flashes using just the one radio receiver.

Lastolite Ezybox Octa Quad

The Ezybox II Octa Quad Kits include:

  • Ezybox II Quad Bracket
  • Ezybox II Octa (Medium or Large) softbox
  • Spigot Tilthead
  • 2x Four-to-one sync cables (PC connection and 3.5 Jack connection)

The Ezybox II Quad Bracket is exactly the same thing as the Ezybox Quad Bracket, but the name has been changed to make clear that it’s compatible with the new Ezybox II series of softboxes, in addition to the original Ezyboxes. The pricing, including VAT, is £240 for the medium-sized (97cm) Octa Quad Kit and £265 for the large (117cm) version. For more information and a list of dealers, visit

We have an Ezybox II review in the works.

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