Lastolite backdrops recreate the outdoors without leaving the studio

Lastolite's Urban Backgrounds have a range of grungy outdoors-style designs and pop up in seconds.

Lastolite Urban Backgrounds

Want your photos to have that grungy warehouse look without leaving the comfort of the studio? Lastolite’s new Urban Backgrounds let you do exactly that. A series of double-sided 1.5×2.1m collapsible backdrops, there are three pairs of designs to choose from: Derelict Wall/Wooden Fence, Shutter/Distressed Door and Tarnished Metal/Container.

Each background has a pop-up frame, assembling in seconds — and folding away in slightly more time until you learn the knack. The “crease resistant fabric” should also ensure it is also very low-maintenance. With a steel-rim around the fabric, it is the perfect application for Lastolite’s new Magnetic Background Support, reducing the number of stands and clamps needed to hold the backdrop.

Lastolite Urban Backgrounds

Thus you can recreate a range of “abandoned”-type themes to the background of your photos without having to worry about the weather, venue permissions and so on, by shooting the scenes in your studio or in the client’s home or office. Unfortunately you can’t pick and choose your favourite two designs out of the six available, but on one of the double-sided frames there is bound to be at least one you like.

Lastolite Urban Backgrounds

The Urban Backgrounds are available at a recommended retail price of £165 each (US: $225) from Lastolite dealers such as Wex and FotoSense in the UK or Amazon and B&H in the USA. Visit the company product page for more information.

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David Selby
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