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Phottix Atlas and Strato triggers in the UK, DIY mains power for your hotshoe flash, PocketWizard AC9 and PowerST4 release estimates, Photoflex wireless kits.

Phottix Strato transmitter and receiver for Nikon

What’s new in photographic lighting this week?

Calumet and Phottix

Phottix Strato transmitter and receiver for NikonThe Phottix Atlas and Strato radio triggers will be available in the UK from Calumet Photo, according to the retailer’s autumn/winter 2010 catalogue. The Atlases are rebranded “Calumet Pro Series Wireless Transceiver Units” and cost £83.92 each. The Stratos are “Calumet Pro Series Wireless 4-Channel Wireless Trigger Kits” at £37.30 for a Canon kit and £55.56 for a Nikon kit. Extra Strato receivers cost £18.65 and £30.79 respectively. Calumet have not yet published their USA sales catalogue.


The Rotalux “mini Octa” can be ordered from Adorama for $245 (US).


Photoflex’s new ultra-portable wireless kits are now available to order. They include a small softbox, StarFlash speedlight and FlashFire 2.4GHz trigger set (also known as the Yongnuo YN-460II and RF-602) as well as various brackets to join them all together.


The PocketWizard AC9 and PowerST4 studio modules – for wireless control of Paul C. Buff and Elinchrom lights, respectively – should be available “in the first week of November in the U.S.” according to Rob Galbraith. Click through for more information on the latest features and ControlTL firmware updates.

Do It Yourself

Modify your Nikon SB-600 to take mains power with this simple tutorial. Or, if you want AC for your speedlight but don’t fancy risking it with your circuits, try this off-the-shelf SpeedFire from Innovatronix instead. NB: the SB-600 doesn’t have a high voltage input port, so you will need to DIY or pick a different flash.

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