Lencarta won’t be at the Photography Show either

Lencarta has apparently pulled out of a UK trade fair because "new products... won't be ready", following a similar move by Bowens.

Lencarta at The Photography Show 2016

Lencarta, the British studio lighting dealer, will not be exhibiting at The Photography Show this weekend, despite appearing for each of the past six years’ shows and even being in this year’s programme. The move has been attributed to “new products” not being ready in time.

According to a post on the company blog, resident lighting expert Garry Edwards said Lencarta have decided “attending the show would be wrong for both our customers and for us”.

“Here at Lencarta, like all true manufacturers, we are constantly working to improve our existing products and to develop new ones, and right now we’re working on a whole raft of exciting new products that will benefit our customers,” he added. “But product development, to the standards that we set, takes a long time and it has become clear that the new products that we’re working on won’t be ready in time for this year’s show.

“Meantime, we still have lots of work to do on our new products, which will be additions to our existing ranges, we’ll give full details when they’re ready.”

Lencarta at The Photography Show 2016
Lencarta appears in the 2016 show guide

Recently Lencarta has been selling mostly rebrands of Godox equipment, in common with several other established photographic dealers. This latest move suggests a return to making slightly more distinctive products. But the fact that show guide (pdf) still shows Lencarta appearing on stand G45 suggests the decision to pull out was a last-minute one, much like that of Bowens last month.

While the show is running (19–22 March), you can get 15% off at Lencarta using coupon code “show16”.

David Selby
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