Light-painting wand gains $600k in crowd-funding

The Pixelstick LED light wand has raised a whopping $628,417 on Kickstarter.

Pixelstick sample photo

Like light painting? So do 2,171 crowdfunding fans, who have helped the Pixelstick LED light wand raise a whopping $628,417 on Kickstarter. The Pixelstick is a programmable LED light-sabre you can wave around during long exposures to create surreal photographs.

Pixelstick sample photo

Smarter than your average glow-stick, by the end of its campaign last week, the product had raised its $110k goal plus a fivefold surplus.

Bitbanger Labs, its New York-based creators, say that since the original launch have tweaked the design, increasing the resolution to 200 pixels and adding support for standard 1/4-inch tripod mounting nuts. “We’ve nearly arrived at our final manufacturable design,” they said.

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David Selby
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