Lighting gear to look out for in 2012

The Pixel King for Nikon will be ready in March 2012 and sold in Europe. Jinbei are also to announce several new products this year including triggers, a battery inverter and a flash.

Pixel King i-TTL Flash Trigger


Jinbei, China’s largest studio lighting manufacturer, will introduce new gear this year, including:

  • A pure sine wave inverter battery pack, for powering mains studio flashes
  • A 2.4GHz wireless flash trigger
  • A product called “Qflash” – though we don’t know yet what this will be.


Phottix 10m TTL cord for Nikon

Ten-metre TTL cords, priced US$45.00, are now available for Canon and for Nikon from Phottix Photo Accessories.


Pixel King i-TTL Flash Trigger

In March, the Nikon version of the Pixel King Wireless i-TTL Trigger will be on sale in Europe from March 2012, distributed by Delta (Foto-Tip). According to the manufacturer, it will be compatible with the Nikon SB-900, SB-800, SB-700, SB-600 and SB-400, and 3rd party flashes from Nissin, Metz and Sunpak. The new Nikon SB-910 is not mentioned, but may also be compatible. It is not stated whether or not Yongnuo brand flashes will work.

Pixel King i-TTL Flash Trigger for Nikon

Functions will include FP Sync, i-TTL, flash exposure compensation and auto-focus assist. Visit the Pixel Enterprise web site for more information.

Rift Labs

Floyd, the open-source LED lamp with user-programmable colour temperature, will have on board Wi-Fi support, potentially allowing it to be controlled from your tablet or smartphone. Click here for more details.

David Selby
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