Lighting links – Phottix update + new strobist kits

Updates on the Phottix Atlas and Foton. New Creative SpeedLite Kits from Viewfinder Photography.

Phottix report back from PhotoWorld Dubai with some updates on the 2.4 GHz Atlas trigger and Foton speedlight.

The Atlas, Phottix’s newest flash trigger (to be available very soon) was the star of the show. A few lucky shooters took home the amazing trigger system and marveled at its range, reliability, and quality.

The Phottix Foton flash was also a hit with “strobists” clamoring to purchase the soon-to-be-released powerful hotshoe flash.

Read the full Phottix Journal post.

British seller Viewfinder Photography have released a pair of Creative SpeedLite Kits, which include a compact reflex stand, a set of cheap radio triggers and a choice of a 105cm umbrella or 70cm octabox.

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