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What's new this week? Links from Godox, Quantuum, Elemental, Paul C. Buff and more.

Quantuum SQ-301 lighting kit


Godox Reemix RMII on DealExtreme
Godox Reemix RMII

The Godox Reemix RM1 and RM2 3-in-1 triggers (speedlights, studio lights and cameras) are now available on DealExtreme for around $31 and $36 a set. The RM2 has all the features of the RM1 with the addition of an umbrella hole in the receiver (product page).

NB: The Nikon/Canon sets are the same except for the shutter release cables.

A brief review of the Godox EX400 portable pack-and-head light has been posted on Flickr, with some pictures here. (Thanks to jagarbosse)


Quantuum SQ-301 lighting kit
Quantuum SQ-301

A new 2x 300Ws lighting kit has been released, featuring a pair of Quantuum PT-300 digital monolights (Bowens S-mount), stands, bag and umbrellas. Costs around €315. See the SQ-301 lighting set at Foto-Tip or on eBay.

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