Lighting links this week

Triopo have a $75 hotshoe flash called the SB-9001/S, Fomei release the Digital Pro X Quatro 4800Ws in Poland, Opteka and JYC unveil some basic flash triggers.

Triopo SB-9001


The Quatro Digital Pro X – Fomei’s brand for Rime Lite’s 4800Ws XB Prime Quadplex system – is to be available in Poland. This incredibly powerful 4*1200J generator is fully remote controllable via the Digital Pro X system and listed at 23,616 PLN (about €6100) from Medikon.

Opteka and JYC wireless flash triggers

If you weren’t already spoilt for choice in cheap Chinese triggers using the 2.4GHz frequency band, here are a couple more that slipped under our radar. The Opteka RFT-40 looks like a boxier Yongnuo RF-602 and has some similar features:

Opteka RFT-40

In addition, JYC have listed another wireless trigger, the JY-2400, though we haven’t seen it on sale anywhere yet.

Triopo SB-9001 and SB-9001S

Triopo, a Chinese manufacturer, have a new hotshoe flash that is the spitting image of Nikon’s SB-900 speedlight.

Triopo SB-9001

The SB-9001 is a i-TTL/E-TTL system flash with a liquid crystal display, electronic zoom, autofocus assist and more. Its brother, the SB-9001S, is a non-TTL model based on the same design. Unfortunately the product pages (on Alibaba here and here) aren’t very well translated into English and don’t list the full specifications. If you know more about this flash, let us know in the comments.

You can buy the SB-9001 for around US$75 wholesale.

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