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Gadget Infinity sell out of Cactus V5s hours after release, Mola file a lawsuit against Kacey, Innovatronix announce WPPI deals and a video demo of the Tronix XTs.

Cactus V5 Transceiver

Cactus V5 release

Gadget Infinity released the Cactus V5 on Monday and report selling out of kits later that day. In a statement they apologised for the inconvenience and have promised to make small batches available for sale every other weekday:

We are extremely excited about the high demand for V5. However, given that each V5 unit is inspected one-by-one to ensure quality and reliability, our supply level is insufficient to meet this unexpected high demand. In light of this, we are making efforts to increase our production supply, and hope to achieve this within the shortest timeframe possible.

For the time being, we will make a limited supply of V5 (Duo and Single) available on Gadget Infinity every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 00:00 PST. (08:00 GMT)


Innovatronix are going to the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) trade show in Las Vegas on 21st-23rd February this year. Visitors will have the opportunity to buy Tronix equipment with up to US$50 off the normal retail price. A full list of offers can be found here.

Meanwhile Tanala have released a video demonstrating the German-made Tronix Explorer XTs:

The Explorer XTs has similar specifications to the Filipino-made XT but promises better components, durability and warranty. It costs €599 including VAT. Tanala will release the Lithium model, the Tronix Explorer XTLi, in the “first half” of 2011.

Mola vs. Kacey lawsuit

Mola, the Canadian beauty dish manufacturer, have filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Kacey Enterprises, an American company that makes beauty dishes and adapters.

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