Lighting links this week

Innovatronix hold a clearance sale while Rift Labs revise the form factor of their RGB LED light. Rime Lite release Storm 2 and Storm 4 monolights. Pixel announce a transceiver-based flash trigger.

Pixel Opas


The Filipino battery pack manufacturer are having an eBay clearance sale for discontinued products such as the Tronix Explorer XT. Click here to check for listings.


Pixel Opas

Pixel Enterprise have revealed plans for a transceiver-based wireless flash trigger. The Pixel Opas bears some resemblance to the PocketWizard Plus II and Phottix Atlas, but should avoid potential legal problems by adopting the universal 2.4GHz signal frequency. The Opas will have four channels, AA batteries and a PC sync port.

Other benefits include 500-metre range, wireless flash grouping (three groups), DC power input via mini-USB and waking speedlights from sleep mode. No price or release date have yet been published.

Rift Labs

The “Floyd” prototype open-source RGB light has had a redesign. The latest schematics show the batteries kept separate from the main body of the light, plus accommodation for VDSLR camera rigs.

Rime Lite

Rime Lite Storm 4

Korean studio lighting manufacturer Rime Lite have released a new flash. The Rime Lite Storm has digital controls, Swing-I wireless capabilities and 200/400J models with 5 stops of power adjustment. The 400J unit retails for around €290 in Europe.

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