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This week: Pixel TF-36X Pawn available; PocketWizard vs. RadioPopper review; UK sling straps on eBay; "Komb" one-way gridspot; Chinese tilt flash comparison.

Pixel TF-362 on eBay
Pixel TF-362 on eBay
Picture by eBay seller jiakgong

Pixel‘s 2.4GHz non-TTL “Pawn” flash triggers (TF-361/2/3), are now widely available on eBay for around $45 (USD) for a transmitter/receiver set. Many sellers are shamelessly using “RF-602” as a keyword. The Pawn has also been listed by the official Pixel seller, but at a much higher price.

A comprehensive comparison of the Pocketwizard Plus II and the Radiopopper Jr.X has been posted here.

A cheap UK-made DSLR sling strap is now on sale on eBay. A Flickr discussion on this product can be found here.

"Komb" speedlight modifier
Picture by cUKi

An ingenious way to control flashes used as kicker lights, the “Komb” is a grid with flags running in only one direction.

A comparison has been posted here of the specifications of several iterations of a super-cheap Chinese tilt-reflector flash. The Changyin CY-20, Sunpak DS20, Opteka FL-50AF and Metz MZ 20 C-2 might all look alike, but it is shown that the features and recycle times vary.

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