Lighting links this week

This week: White Lightning price drops; PocketWizard TTL trigger updates; a RadioPopper RPCube review; a super long-ranged eBay trigger; a new Lightware lighting case.

Paul C. Buff has announced price reductions on the White Lightning X-series monolights:

Effective immediately, we are reducing the price of our White Lightning X-Series line of flash units. Any pending orders will receive these price reductions. Read more.

PocketWizard AC7 Hard Shield and AC3 ZoneController
Picture by PocketWizard

PocketWizard have published some new information on their TTL triggers. No tangible updates on the Nikon Mini/Flex, but the AC3 ZoneController is estimated to be released in “late May” for US$69.95. The AC5 soft ($15) and AC7 hard ($30) shields will be available in April and May respectively.

Ed Pingol has posted an early review of the RadioPopper RPCubes for Nikon (the original ones by Radiopopper, still not released).

IShoot have revealed details of a new flash trigger currently under development.

[Previous IShoot PT-04 triggers] working range is about 30 meters. While the PT-04 D we are researching and developing can up to 500 meters. It may can be released in 3 months.

An upcoming case by Lightware, the Lightwalker II, has been revealed by Dave Black in his Workshop on the Ranch here.

And something you might have missed: Nikon CLS hacks and DIY projects, including the first steps in how to build your own open source RadioPopper PX-style trigger, by Digital Photography Tips & Techniques.

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