Lighting links this week

Latest news about Cokin, Honl, Innovatronix, PocketWizard, Westcott. Plus: shooting monolights with a shotgun, and a DIY Radiopopper PX project.

Honl Traveller8 softbox
Honl Traveller8 softbox
Picture by Honl
PocketWizard AC7 Hard Shield and AC3 ZoneController
Picture by PocketWizard

Cokin announce a line of lighting gels in Poland. Watch this space for other international releases. Also in Poland: the Innovatronix Explorer XT SE is now available from Krakow-based

David Honl has released the Traveller8, a small circular softbox for speedlights. Priced at US$70 (USA) and £70 (UK distributor).

Garry Edwards didn’t like some of Digital Photo‘s review of the Lencarta SmartFlash, so he started shooting stuff.

PocketWizard have posted product updates for May.

  • The Nikon MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 are still essentially vapourware.
  • Look out for the AC3 ZoneController in shops in June.
  • As above for the AC7 hard shield.
  • The AC5 soft shield is coming next week.

PocketWizard are also starting a Youtube video series called PW TV.

Turn your Phottix PT-04 into a Radiopopper PX with the CLS radio relay project. Discuss it here.

Eleven new photographers have been added to Westcott’s Top Endorsed Pros.

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