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Elemental Trinity monolights available for pre-order; Foto-Tip releases new Quantuum speedlight brackets; Godox EX400 reviews; Phottix Atlas launch in Singapore.

Quantuum BK-6 bracket for 3 speedlights
Quantuum BK-3 Bowens speedlight bracket
Picture by Quantuum
Quantuum BK-6 bracket for 3 speedlights
Picture by Quantuum

Elemental Trinity & Trinity Pro monolight kits are now available for pre-order.

Foto-Tip has released two new Quantuum speedlight brackets. The BK-3 is a Bowens-speedlight adapter with a new, more stable and better balanced design compared to previous brackets on the market. Buy it now for £24.99 from Foto-Tip.

Our bracket allows to use all studio accessories with system lamps featuring an ISO hot shoe. The bracket will enable you to mount soft boxes, reflectors, spotlights and any other accessories equipped with Bowens mounting. An adjustable joint allowing to set the desired flash angle is mounted on studio tripods. The lamp is mounted on ISO hot shoe and may be blocked with a knob. The casting ensures stability and rigidity of the construction.

The Quantuum BK-6 is a tri-flash bracket allowing you to fire three speedlights into one umbrella, with an umbrella hole in the centre for very even light distribution. Get it or read more here.

Reviews are coming in for the Godox EX400 portable pack and head system from LinkDelight. Read them here. The Godox EX400 is a lightweight battery-powered 400Ws light, similar in principle to the Elinchrom Ranger Quadra, but with a universal Bowens S mount. The EX400 is available from LinkDelight and other sellers on eBay.

Red Dot Photo have published “Sneak Preview – Phottix Atlas Launching in Singapore!” including a full specifications list for the upcoming flash trigger.

The launch of the Phottix Altas is set to change the landscape in wireless remote triggering and wireless flash triggering. With a range of 100+ meters and reliability matching that of PocketWizard, the Phottix Atlas will be something to watch out for in 2010…

We will publish a full detailed review of the Phottix Atlas right here next week!

The Phottix Atlas is expected to be launched for sale in June 2010 in Singapore.

The Phottix Atlas is anticipated to be released internationally within a couple of weeks at the online Phottix Store.

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