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The new iPhone 4 has a built-in flash. Innovatronix now have distributors in UK and Australia. The upcoming Phottix Atlas outperforms the PocketWizard Plus II. Pixel TR-332 now compatible with more cameras. First review published of Strobeam DL4.


The latest iPhone 4 has a built-in LED flash. Could this be also be used to trigger optical slaves for off-camera flash?



Charles Verghese has published a long range comparison of the Phottix Atlas and PocketWizard Plus II, with the Phottix Atlas coming out on top both as a trigger and receiver.

To me, this was pretty solid proof that the Phottix Atlas had a longer range than the PocketWizard Plus II, both in transmission as well as reception.  But since I didn’t do a good job of taking proper measurements and synchronizing my cameras, I feel that this deserves another go to make this inconclusive proof that the Atlas is better when it comes to range. Read the full article.

The Phottix Atlas will be available soon from the Phottix Store.


The Pixel Knight TR-332 TTL triggers have received a big update.

  • More battery life
  • Now also compatible with Canon 1D MkII, 1D MkII N, 1D MkIII, 1Ds MkII, 5D, 30D, 400D and 350D.
  • 30 second sleep mode

Existing customers can trade in their old units for the newer ones, paying only P&P:

If the new version is released on the market, we allow to change if someone want to change their old version. But we will not afford the return shipping cost. For more information, the user can send e-mail to [email protected]

The new Pixel TR-332 units are available from the official Pixel eBay store.

Strobeam (CononMark)

The first independent review of the Strobeam DL4 portable monolight has appeared, courtesy of Jonathan Ryan.

Would I buy one? Simple question, simple answer:  Yes.
I’d like to see Strobeam improve the S adapter and provide a cap and possibly even bring out a higher powered head but you get a lot for your money.
Bottom line, I used a Strobeam on a group strobist style shoot.  There were about 10 other photographers there.  One has already bought a unit and a couple more are seriously considering it. Read the rest of the review.

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