Lighting news round-up

Elemental have become UK distributors of Godox. Bowens are offering a trade-in deal this month for 500C buyers. Photoflex TritonFlash is shipping. Phottix have new parabolic and double-fold umbrellas.

TritonFlashâ„¢ kit

Bowens UK Gemini 500C trade-in deal

UK customers can trade in an “any brand” studio flash and get £75 off a Bowens Gemini 500C before the end of June. According to Robert Palos, spokesman for Bowens’ UK distributor,

With this deal [photographers] can take any head to any Bowens Hallmark dealer included in this promotion and claim their £75 reduction on the new equipment – even if their old flash head isn’t in working order.

Call 0870 458 5258 for more information.

Elemental become UK Godox distributors

Godox products, including the Leadpower LP-750 pure sine wave battery pack, the Propac PB820 high voltage battery pack and the recently-reviewed Reemix RMII flash trigger, are to be sold in the UK by Bedfordshire-based Elemental Europe Ltd. Stock is expected in June, with pre-ordering available now at the following prices:

  • Reemix RMII – from £59.99
  • Propac PB820 – £159.00
  • Leadpower LP750 – £650.00
  • Reemix + Propac + Stand + Umbrella – kit from £240.00

Photoflex TritonFlash

Photoflex’s version of the CononMark DL4.0, the TritonFlash, is now available in shops. According to the distributor, the TritonFlash has some key differences from the DL4.0 or Impact Lite Trek which go some way to mandate the US$500+ difference in price:

  • Photoflex 5-6 year warranty
  • Better mounting bracket
  • Head can slide back and forth on bracket for better balance
  • 19 power settings versus seven
  • 20% faster recycle speed
  • Extra battery module included
  • StarFire (RF-602) flash trigger included
  • OctoDome softbox included

Phottix umbrellas, large and small

Three new lines of umbrellas are available from the online Phottix Store. The Para Pro series are 16-panel parabolic type modifiers with fibreglass ribs, coming in 40″/60″/72″ (101/152/182cm) translucent and reflective models. The Double Small Umbrella is a 36″ (91cm) reflective brolly with a collapsible shaft.

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