Lighting vapourware update

An update on the latest developments and releases from Aputure, Elemental, Godox, Phottix and Yongnuo.

Aputure Trigmaster Plus transceiver
Picture by Aputure

The Aputure Trigmaster Plus transceiver triggers, which were meant to be released this month, have now been pushed back to mid-April, price unknown. The more conventional RF-602-style Trigmaster triggers will also be released at this time, with a RRP of SG$59 (about US$42) for a transmitter/receiver set. (Source)

Godox‘s zooming, slaving, “idiot light”-equipped strobist flash, the Sunpix SP46, is now in production. Unlike some other manufacturers, they don’t have an eBay outlet for international customers. Instead you can order the flash directly from their partner, Brilliant Photo Group Ltd., for US$73 all in, branded as the “Brilliant DG-40“. They accept Paypal. Contact them directly here.

Elemental FUGL-E
Picture by Elemental

Elemental (UK) have some new studio lights in the works. The aptly-named FUGL-E entry-level lighting system will come out in April, and another system is planned for May. Further details will be revealed closer to release.

Phottix‘s Foton UB-88 strobist flash and Atlas 2.4GHz transceiver trigger were slated for March, and the Strato 2.4GHz trigger with TTL pass-through scheduled for April. Web domains have been registered for each of the products at, and The Phottix-Strato site is already up and running. Check the Phottix Journal for the latest information.

Yongnuo YN-468 on
Banner from

Yongnuo has announced several new products to be released “about April”. The YN-467 for Nikon will be released, with similar features to the existing Canon version (autozoom, TTL, manual, slave). The new YN-468 will come out in April/May in both Canon and Nikon versions (Canon likely to be released first). Features are believed to include an LCD panel, autozoom, TTL, stroboscopic mode and more (see the LCD panel). Another product up their sleeve is the YN-LV, a wired live view remote.

David Selby
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