Limelite announces Mosaic LED, Studiolite fluorescents for video and stills

Bowens subsidiary Limelite has produced two new LED panels, a fluorescent light bank and more continuous lighting gear to come.

Limelite Studiolite fluorescent light bank

Bowens subsidiary Limelite has produced a new line of continuous lighting equipment for the spring. Adding to the original Limelite Mosaic LED announced and reviewed last year, there are two more LED panels and a fluorescent light bank.

Following the brand’s launch last year, the Limelite range has “developed significantly”, in the words of Tim Haskell, the company’s business development manager, who added: “This is going to be a very exciting and full-on year for us.”

Limelite Mosaic LED

The Mosaic series now comprises of three different LED panels: daylight, tungsten and bi-colour. The new Studiolite is the first in a line of fluorescent lights, adjustable with controllers using the DMX standard.

At upcoming trade shows even more products will be unveiled for the first time including a “300W focusing floodlight”, a camera-mounted LED panel and an LED ring light.

There will be three different Studiolite fluorescents to begin, including a two-, four- and eight-tube variants, and a range of “quick-mount accessories” to go with them.

Limelite Studiolite fluorescent light bank

In April, Limelite say they will release the Pixel, a “high-tech” 300W focusing tungsten floodlight marketed for use in corporate, wedding and small studio videography. It will also be suitable for stills photographers interested in using hot tungsten lights. The new camera-mounted LED panel and ring lights will be launched at the same time.

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