Limelite releases “compact, rugged” Pixel Zoom Light

Bowens's electronic news gathering light, the Limelite Pixel, has hit the market.

Limelite Pixel

Bowens’s electronic news gathering light, the Limelite Pixel, has hit the market. Initially shown off to us at Focus On Imaging 2013, the Pixel is a focusable halogen lamp designed for “a wide range of photographic & video lighting applications.”

Limelite Pixel

There’s no fancy power-saving, cool-running LED technology to be found here. Instead you’ve got a quartz-halogen bulb drawing 300 watts (dimmable 1–100%) and putting out light at a colour temperature of 3200K. Daylight-balanced colour correction is available with an optional glass filter. You can also get 150-watt bulbs if you need. The bulb can move relative to the surrounding reflector, providing adjustment of the beam angle from 90° to 115°.

Other accessories include a set of barndoors and a glass diffusion filter. Powered from the mains, the Limelite Pixel has a dimmer knob and a “soft start” switch to extend the life of your bulbs.

Limelite Pixel Kit

On its own, a Pixel will set you back £280, and should make a serviceable on-camera video light for journalism, interviews and documentary work. Limelite also sells a three-light kit, priced £1,254, which includes a triplet of Pixels, stands, a carrying case and barndoors.

Visit the Limelite web site for more information.

David Selby
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