Lithium-fuelled Godox Ving speedlight goes on sale

Time to ditch the AAs? The Godox Ving V850 flashgun is available now for $120.

Godox Ving V850

Time to ditch the AAs? The Godox Ving V850 flashgun is available now for $120. It is the world’s first hotshoe flash to be powered from an internal lithium ion battery pack, offering remote control and HSS to boot.

The unit has been listed by HK-based retailer Gadget Infinity, who will supply you with a V850, soft case, mini-stand, VB-18 battery and charger for US$119.95.

Godox Ving V850

Godox’s proprietary power pack isn’t nearly as ubiquitous as your standard AA. But the trade-off is a battery life three times longer and recycle times considerably quicker, with no auxiliary power supplies needed. You can keep an eye on how much juice is left by way of an indicator on the LCD screen.

The Ving itself is a manual flashgun with output adjustment down to 1/128, stroboscopic functions and optical slave sensor built-in. Combined with the company’s 433MHz FT-16S or Cells II radio triggers (sold separately) you’ll also get wireless power control or high-speed sync up to 1/8000 second (with certain cameras), respectively.

Visit the Godox product page for more information. You can order one from Gadget Infinity here, or via eBay.

Update: Now also available from UKphotodistro.

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