Accessorise your flashgun with new LumiQuest starter kit

LumiQuest have bundled three of their speedlight modifiers into a new entry-level kit.

LumiQuest Pocket Bouncer

LumiQuest Pocket Bouncer

LumiQuest have bundled three of their speedlight modifiers into a new entry-level kit. The accessories include a bounce card, filter holder and mounting strap, sold together so photographers can modify and control light for less cost.

Each kit includes the LumiQuest Pocket Bouncer, Fxtra and Ultra Strap.

The Pocket Bouncer redirects light at a 90° angle from the flash, creating a larger light source area, thereby softening the light and producing a more gradual transition between deep shadows and illumination.

The Fxtra is a compact flash gel holder that includes three theatrical coloured gels, red, blue and yellow and an assortment of green and CTO (colour temperature orange) gels required to balance your flash for both fluorescent and incandescent environments, as well as the daylight for which your flash is balanced. The gel holder accommodates the Strobist Collection as well as Lee & Rosco sample filters. LumiQuest and other brand accessories can be attached to the flash with the Fxtra installed, allowing you to colourise the light whilst using a variety of other light modifiers. Obviously, there will be some light loss, depending on the gel being used.

LumiQuest Fxtra

To hold everything in place, the kit also includes the Ultra Strap. It is a non-slip neoprene strap that applies constant pressure of 3 lbs with no adhesive required.

The modifiers install and remove in seconds, fitting most standard-sized speedlights. The Pocket Bouncer folds flat for storage with all the kit packing into a small envelope for easy portability in your camera bag.

The value of the items bought separately is $62.85 whilst the kit retails at $40.95. LumiQuest can be contacted here. UK distribution is by Snapperstuff.