LumoPro announce strapping new light stand and all-encompassing umbrella

The new LumoPro LP605S features ground spikes and a carrying strap. The new LP735 Compact Umbrella is a 43-inch reversible lighting brolly.

LumoPro LP735 3-in1 umbrella

American photographic supplier LumoPro has announced two new  accessories: the LP605S compact stand with carrying strap and the LP735 3-in-1 lighting umbrella.

LumoPro’s product manager Kevin Deskins told Lighting Rumours: “We’re very excited to continue expanding our product line. We’ve now launched a Beauty Dish system, a 3-in-1 Umbrella, and we can’t wait to show everybody else what the future holds.”

The LP605S light stand can reach 7.5 feet (2.3 metres) tall and adds to the design of the LP605, a folding stand with ground spikes. The new model also features a carrying strap, which attaches to the base of the stand with a carabiner. You can quickly release the strap from the top of the stand with a hook-and-loop ‘system belt’. Deskins commented: “In this case, we took one of the most portable stands in the world, and made it more portable.” The LP605S will not replace the LP605: both will be available at once, retailing at $44.99 and $39.99 respectively.

LumoPro LP605S compact light stand

LumoPro also brought out the LP735 3-in-1 43-inch (109cm) compact umbrella, which can be used as a white shoot-through, a white reflector or silver reflector brolly, thanks to a reversible, removable cover. According to the company, this product release “marks the first time an affordable solution has been created for all three popular umbrella types”. The LP735 will retail at $29.99 in the USA.

LumoPro LP735 3-in1 umbrella

Both products will be available from Midwest Photo Exchange (MPEX) in the USA and CameraTools in the Netherlands/Europe. For more technical information, visit

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