LumoPro LP605M is a light stand that converts into a monopod

The LumoPro LP605M will support either your lights or your camera, thanks to three retractable monopod feet.

LP605M Light Stand 2

LumoPro has announced a dual-use 7.5′ light stand and monopod, designed both for off-camera flash and for video shooting.

The LumoPro LP605M, based on the LP605 light stand (reviewed here), has three extra retractable feet and a mounting adapter so when you aren’t supporting small flashes and continuous lights you can use it to stabilise your camera for steadier stills and smoother panning shots on location.

LP605M Light Stand 2 LP605M Monopod 2

“Everyone loves a multitasker,” said LumoPro’s Janae Miller in a press release. “This stand minimizes the weight and space in your bag by doing two jobs – light stand and monopod. For those location shoots in the middle of nowhere or flights where ounces count, do your back and your wallet a favor – take the LP605M.”

LP605M Collapsed

For more information on the LumoPro LP605M, visit The recommended retail price is $74.99 and the stand is available from LumoPro dealers.

David Selby
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