Lumu – a light meter for the 21st century?

Lumu is a company that is aiming to announce a next-generation light meter, "bringing it to the 21st century".


Lumu is a company that is aiming to announce the next generation in light meters. They want to incorporate modern technology into a light meter for some unique features; their goal is to redesign it for a world on the go, a light meter for “the 21st century”.

Currently not a lot of information is known. One thing is sure: their ambitions are high, claiming their product will be a game changer. Extremely precise hardware combined with an iOS app for some unique features. The Heart of Lumu is last generation digital light sensor with an operating range 0.1–200,000 lux and measuring accuracy 1%. From the images on their Twitter feed it seems to be a kind of necklace with a diffusion dome. For me, directly some questions arise. A game-changer that can’t trigger flash? For me that is the purpose of a light meter.


On their website,, it is written that the light meter will be announced during the coming summer. On their Twitter feed @Lumu they show a teaser once in a while, revealing the design process and the hardware. But what is the Lumu actually? Why is this different then all the other light meters? Why would I need one?

Many questions remain. Time will tell if the Lumu be yet another gadget for the iPhone, or a great addition to a photographers arsenal. They will participate in NY Disrupt starting on the 27th April, so maybe soon we will know more.

Robbert Dijkstra is a professional photographer based in Delft.